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electronicsector   July 15, 2013

Source from: Asia One SINGAPORE – Semiconductor players remain positive about their future in Singapore, but as they transform themselves to design and make higher value-added components, some say the Republic also needs to watch its rapidly rising labour and energy costs and better groom engineering talent to keep its electronics sector competitive. Hit by…  Read More

test   July 14, 2013

ASE Singapore Pte Ltd featured on Business Times! ASE Singapore has undertaken several innovation projects that have enabled it to complete key processes faster.

  June 22, 2013

Source from: NEWS-COM 半导体测试厂员工将集成晶片拿去烘炉高温祛湿前,得逐一选择合适的烘炉,之后更得监督烘炉的温度和整个过程所需的时间,相当费时费力。 两年多前,半导体测试厂日月光集团的新加坡公司(ASE Singapore)将烘炉改装成智能型后,员工只须从电脑系统中查看可选择的烘炉,烘炉的温度也自动化调整。